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We help business grow using a custom mix of advertising products and services designed specifically to get you the results you need.

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Harness the power of one of Tucson's most-watched TV stations by promoting your business on TV via ABC and KGUN 9 News or on The CW. 

Our team will work with you to develop a message, film a custom commercial and use real-time data to find the most effective times to run your message to reach your ideal audience on one of Tucson's largest TV networks.

We also offer long-form, in-depth TV advertising strategies to showcase your business using Morning Blend segments that are on air and online.

Reach your target audience via non-skippable streaming video commercial insertion on big screen TVs, smart TVs, and Connected TVs through platforms like Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and more through Scripps Octane OTT

We'll help you leverage our direct relationships with platforms and providers, our unique programmatic partnerships, or a mix of both to reach your customers with non-skippable commercials in premium, long-form TV content viewed online. 


Target your message to your specific audience across our premium white-listed network of website, mobile devices, and apps using non-skippable video pre-roll, mid-roll, and streaming video insertion. Video ads are served specifically to your exact audience using sophisticated geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting, helping you reach your most valuable audience no matter where they are or what they're watching.

Align yourself with the #1 most viewed digital news source in Tucson through premium video streaming using KGUN 9 News streaming video. Your commercials will be dynamically inserted into LIVE KGUN 9 Newscasts viewed across KGUN 9 mobile appsKGUN 9 on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, at, and more. No matter the device or platform, we'll deliver your message in premium pre-roll and mid-roll on KGUN 9 News digital content to an engaged and active audience.

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Align yourself with one of the top social media channels among Tucson news stations. Our team will work with you to highlight your business, organization, or news-worthy story using a combination of video, text, and imagery. Harness the power of KGUN 9 social media via live streams and sponsored posts, as we help you bring more people in the door and deliver results to you. 

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Target your message and build your brand using high impact digital display advertising on and the KGUN 9 app.

We'll build out a custom strategy for you with designed to highlight what makes your business unique, showcase your products and services, and draw customers to take action with special calls to action, full analytics, and tracking

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Target your message to your exact audience no matter the device they're using, the site/app they're visiting, or where they're physically located through the following tactics:

  • Geo-Fencing with offline Conversions: Marketing to people based on location data on mobile devices & measuring on-the-ground conversions

  • Search Retargeting: Marketing to people actively searching for your products and services online

  • Keyword & Category Contextual Targeting: Marketing to people who are reading content and researching your products and services

  • Site Retargeting: Marketing to people who have visited your website even after they've left

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